The Many Uses Of Ozone:

Allergies Relief
Animal Odor
Basement Must
Carpet Sanitation
Cigarette Smoke Odors
Office Sanitation
Crime Scene Clean Up
Day Care Centers Sanitation
Dog Shelters/Pounds
Duct Sanitization
Dust Mites
Fire Damage And Ozone Generators
Fire Restoration
Flood Damage
Food Odors
Foreclosure Homes
Gymnasiums Sanitation
House Sanitation
Water Damage
Infection Control
Locker Rooms Sanitation
Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds
Musty Odors
Real Estate Sales
Rental Car Cleaning
Restaurant Sanitation
Schools Sanitation
Tobacco Odors
Urine Odors
Vehicle Odors

What is Ozone?

Ozone is one of nature’s most powerful oxidizers. It is nature’s way of cleaning our environment of harmful toxins and pollutants. That fresh smell you smell after a storm, or the clean scent of a waterfall? That’s Ozone. Ozone is 3 oxygen molecules that are hooked together. The normal air that we breathe contains O2 (two oxygens). This extra oxygen molecule gives Ozone its oxidizing power and best of all, once it reacts with whatever harmful toxin or pollutant, it converts right back into clean, breathable oxygen.

For far too long, we have been using harmful chemicals to clean, deodorize, and sanitize our homes, businesses, and offices, when nature has already provided us the solution, and that solution not only works amazingly well but only leaves behind clean oxygen.

How it Works?

Through recent technologies, we have been able to mimic nature’s process of creating ozone called the corona discharge effect. This gives us the ability to saturate a contained area with large amounts of ozone that instantly goes to work attacking allergens, odors, molds, mildews, bacterias, viruses, and many more. After 30-60 minutes, the ozone begins to break down and converts right back into clean, breathable oxygen.

Many of us become noseblind to the scents, smells, and odors of our homes and businesses. It is only after an Ozone treatment by Pure Life Solutions do people realize what a pure home smells like. Treatments take 2-6 hours and can occur on a single time clean out basis or our recommended monthly or quarterly treatments that keep your home or business Pure for your family, friends, and customers.